Planning your group or solo trip?
Confused between local and global destinations?
Need an expert to help you from A to Z of your travels with minimum cost.
Well, Spotnic comes to your rescue.

Introducing SPOTNIC SUPER SAVER Membership

Membership cost: Rs. 1,000

Key highlights of the membership:

  1. Lifetime free travel assistance for any of your travel needs
  • Any upcoming expeditions? Ask us. We will help with everything and anywhere
  • Allow us to customize your itineraries
  1. 24×7 support of a dedicated Relationship Manager (toll-free number)
  2. Up to 10% discount on domestic air-ticket
  3. Up to 20% discount on international air-ticket
  4. Lowest Price Guarantee on hotel booking
  5. Reward points: On every Rs. 200 spent at SPOTNIC, 5 reward points will be credited in the wallet (4 point = 1 rupee, can be directly reimbursed in the next bill)
  6. Reversal of membership fees on spent of minimum Rs. 10000 or above within one year of enrollment
  7. Payment online through credit/debit card and net banking

Bonus: As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, SPOTNIC will also plant a tree on your behalf & maintain it for the lifetime.
The name of member will be mentioned over that particular tree and a picture & address of the plant will be provided to the member so that he can plan a visit anytime to see his plant happily growing and nourishing the Mother Nature
PS. Yearly Growth Report of the plant will also be provided (along with a photograph)

(Early Bird offer: Flat 50% discount for first 500 enrollments)

Pay Rs. 500 only